The Boots brand is relied on by millions of people to provide the very best advice and products for their health and wellbeing, and innovation is crucial to its customers and business. For over 80 years, Boots scientists have been discovering, developing and testing in order to create a huge range of new products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers. While this continues to be very successful, the business looks beyond its own research to partner with people whose ideas and skills are complementary.

Boots UK, part of Walgreens Boots Alliance develops and retails products across many categories, including healthcare, opticians, mother and baby, toiletries, food and photography: submissions in all of these categories will be considered. However, Boots is particularly interested in hearing from entrepreneurs who have developed new technologies in popular beauty and skincare fields. As well as the latest advances in conventional technologies, such as creams and lotions, it is looking for new formats such as electrical devices, diagnostics, ‘beauty from within’ supplements, product regimes and innovations that bring salon treatments into the home.

Boots understands that having a good product is more than having good ingredients, and packaging has an essential role to play in meeting consumers’ needs. Boots is looking for innovative packaging solutions that offer aesthetic differentiation, added consumer benefits, sustainable packaging solutions or enable a unique product claim.

Although Boots is not expecting a finished product, the business does expect you to have developed a ‘proof of concept’ model or prototype. The team needs something which they can look at, and test. All submissions should be supported by robust scientific data, even if it is only preliminary in nature. Boots also requires some evidence that the product is safe, and either has, or can achieve regulatory approval.