This IXC Innovation Portal has been designed to provide a dedicated, moderated innovation channel for genuine technology offers to Boots. We welcome ideas from inventors, small companies and suppliers and guarantee consistent, fair and timely consideration of all submissions. We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions below:

Who is IXC UK?

IXC is a leading innovation specialist. We help clients to innovate by assessing their needs and tailoring our flexible services to suit them and their processes.

We deliver focused exposure to technologies, methods and best practice, along with carefully screened introductions to those with complementary solutions. This enables clients to develop new products and services and improve operational efficiency to save cost.

Confidentiality is our key philosophy, clients use us to discreetly validate potential new resources without exposing their intellectual property position or identity until it is appropriate to do so.

Why have I been redirected from the Boots Innovation webpage to a separate third party portal to submit my innovation?

Boots has asked IXC to act as an intermediary for all innovation submissions to Boots in the field of health and beauty. IXC has been acting as innovation intermediaries for companies such as Boots for over 10 years. Our trained intermediaries will assess your submission based on an agreed set of criteria supplied by Boots to ensure that it matches the sectors of interest to Boots, aligns with current development initiatives and if it could be adopted into the business.

What information does my submission need to include?

The more information you can supply about your idea the easier it will be to assess a match to the priorities of Boots UK, part of Walgreens Boots Alliance. However please ensure that you do not post on this site confidential information unless you have an NDA in place with IXC UK.

Submissions will be reviewed in line with guidance received from the Boots UK, part of Walgreens Boots Alliance team.

What we do need is a clear non-confidential statement about your idea, its stage of development and any supporting information you can provide. Evidence of what is unique or novel about the idea with a clear value proposition to Boots UK will aid the decision making process. If you have a patent or are applying for one please let us know and provide whatever details you can.

What process do you follow when assessing my submission?

IXC follow a formal staged process that has been agreed with Boots to determine:

  • Fit – relevance to the business

  • Value - potential impact and how it aligns with current development initiatives

  • Implementation - how can it be adopted within the business

We may contact you at any time during this process to ensure that we have the very best information to support our appraisal.

What types of innovations are Boots interested in?

Boots is interested in inventions that add significant value in the fields of Healthcare, Beauty, Baby and Packaging. For more information please go to The Innovation at Boots page.

Is this the best place for my idea?

The more mature your invention and the further it is in its development, the more likely it is to succeed. Concept ideas with no supporting test data are particularly difficult to progress. It may therefore pay to delay submission of your idea until you have developed it further.

Why has my submission been rejected?

IXC will use all best endeavours to inform you at each stage of the process what information is needed for your submission to progress however there are some common reasons why a submission may be rejected, these are:

  • Early stage concept with major technical challenges and poorly defined benefits.

  • Value provided is not significant or unique

  • Claimed benefits not verified or credible

  • Idea already exists and no unique selling point is shown

  • Invention does not fit within the scope of Boots’ business

  • Invention is not compatible with the direction of Boots’ research and development

Do I have to be at least 18 years old to submit an innovation?

Yes, this is the legally-accepted age for agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Is only non-confidential information required?

The information you submit on this portal will be assessed by IXC and if it passes the staged process of assessment it will be passed onto Boots. It is therefore important that you do not disclose anything that is confidential at this stage. If Boots decide that they would like to discuss your ideas further then a formal Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be put into place between yourself and Boots prior to that discussion.

If you would like to submit information which is confidential but pertinent to the submission we can arrange an NDA between IXC UK and yourself. This information would not be passed on to Boots but only used to aid the assessment process. A separate NDA between yourself and Boots would be needed if the idea progressed as above. Please contact IXC directly if you would like to take this route.

How long will the review of my submission take?

IXC will complete the first step of your submission - completeness of submission and fit to Boots requirements within 2 working days, the time taken to complete the following steps will be entirely dependent upon the content and complexity of the subject. We will attempt to give guidance on time as the submission progresses. If you have not heard from the Portal after five working days please contact us.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes you can! Once you have registered with the portal and accepted our Terms and Conditions you can submit as many submissions as you wish. Each submission will be given due consideration and assessed on its own merits.

Do I have to have Intellectual Property protection? (Patents applied for or filed)

No, but it helps! Boots are willing to discuss early stage ideas before a patent filing has been made or before it has been published. However it can be difficult to both explain your ideas and show their value without having protection in place and without disclosing information which could jeopardise your rights to file patents in the future. If you are unsure talk to a patent attorney before submitting to make sure you are protected.